sooops, sooooooooops

Part 1:
1 carton (low sodium, preferably) chicken broth
2  small or 1 huge tomato, roughly chopped into approx. 1" pieces
1 small or half of a huge red onion, roughly chopped into approx. 1" pieces
4 cloves garlic, minced (trust me. do it.)
1 hefty squirt of sriracha a.k.a. rooster sauce (do this according to your own heat tolerance, but I can handle a fair bit and I'm a wuss with spicy foods)
4 very generous dashes of dried basil
1 can cannellini beans or whatever canned beans you have on hand. (Don't rinse them, and add everything from the can into the pot.)
1 splash (1.5 tablespoons..ish) of veggie oil/olive oil/peanut oil/glistening baby sweat

combine all ingredients in pot,
put heat on high,
achieve boil
cover pot
maintain gentle boil for 30 minutes, 20 if you cut your onion/tomato into a teeny tiny dice


Part 2:
2 boneless chicken thighs

rinse thighs, chop into 2cm chunks (about 3/4ths of an inch),
(nothing about this recipe requires precision, so don't sweat it, just try to keep them roughly the same size)
add to soup, cook uncovered for additional 20 minutes.

taste broth
add salt if needed
taste broth
if not slightly spicy with delicious flavors, add more sriracha and simmer another 10 minutes
taste broth
then job well done.

a light sprinkle of parmesan or goat cheese (or nutritional yeast, as I did in the photo above) on top  would not be a bad thing.


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