And by that I mean the Philadelphia Museum of Art. of course.
(remember all photos are clickable for increased size, girth, and performance)

Upon arriving, I spotting some premium reflection on the top of a glass case full of ... things that were clearly less interesting than the reflection.

This lil statue was cool. If only it were unattended and my bag weren't full.

I liked this shiny too, but it was definitely too big to fit into my bag. Unguarded, though. Damn the luck. 

Yeahh.. you know you'd want jade rings and gold leaf all over your cloisonne-enameled 
doggy-boudoir too, if you could. Nice job spoiling Fido, ancient China. 

But the Nepal-Tibet room. Oooooh, that's the room that stole my heart. Small shiny things, beautifully displayed.
This statue was supremely cool. Very creepy once you actually started to study what the elephant dude was doing to the upside down dude. What has been seen cannae be unseen, and all that. 
My museum companion took photos of things too. And I took photos of her taking photos of things. Then we fell into a loop in space/time and haven't been seen since. 


Halfway through the museum I took a brief intermission to photograph the pretty things outside the museum as well. 
This last shot was seriously a pain in the rump to get, as there was a clear walkway behind me, but the few people nearby (including my companion) decided to not just walk in front of me, but to actually STAND directly in front of me as well. Yeah, I'm just holding this heavy camera to my face because it matches my earrings. 

~Intermission over~

So back we are to the other side of the museum, where even the art was trying to run away from the art. 
The statue seems to be saying "No, nooooo, don't let the terrible drab flowers of blobby awfulness get meeeeee! Nooooooooooo."

Or maybe that was me. Whatever.

I really liked this ballerina statue in the next room, even though I kind of hated ballet itself. Or was it tap? I think it was tap-dance classes actually. The shoes were slippery and the floor was hard to land on. :( 
Anyway, this ballerina had managed to run away from the godawful painting in the previous room, and was actually pretty cool. Very odd skirt thing, it looked like bronzed fabric, I'm not sure what it really was, and there were too many museum people around for me to attempt to fondle knowledge out of it.

To the left of the ballerina was this. It was epically large, and awesome, and looked like Peter Jackson was just off screen, directing the painter. 

Henri-Joseph Harpignies, directly descended from the Harfoots of Brandybuck. 

The Modern Art room was.... modern. And also had a bonus creepy Frenchman that delighted in following veerrrry close behind me in an otherwise spacious and fairly empty room. He was invading my personal space so much that I finally fled into the next room though I wasn't done exploring the current one. But he immediately followed me into the next room, actually breaking into a jog to keep up with my sudden change of direction. Fortunately for me, his friends were sitting on a bench near the next exhibit and called him off the chase. He looked disappointed to lose the opportunity to  lure me into a back room, chloroform me, and then feed me my own enucleated eyeballs.  

This was the last exhibit in the modern art section, and was even creepier than the French dude. From the front, an eye. From behind, reflections of highly eerie faces.

I really liked this little adorable statue couple thing. It definitely would have come home with me and gone in my dream garden as the world's best garden gnome replacement EVAR!!1!...  except that my companion refused to strap it under her shirt and pretend to be hunchbacked long enough for us to sneak out. Hmmph.

At the end of our wanderings we stopped by the fountain above, just past the random fireplace hallway. While sitting, I looked up and saw the guard. She was almost a piece of art herself; perfectly composed in her space.

Annnd this is the outside of the museum, taken when we got out at approximately itsfrickincold'o'clock. 

Okay. The end.  Get out. 

But before you go.... 

I leave you with this piece. 

Enigmatically titled: 





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