a new year's 12.3 megapixel resolution

I'm going to do a 365 project. Which isn't any nonsense involving cycles of the sun/earth/astrophysics things, as your foolish teachers have taught you to believe. It is, in fact, an online project to take a (decent) photo-a-day for an entire year, and to post them to flickr every day, the day that you take them. It's a photographic challenge, a challenge to artistic persistence and perseverance, a challenge to fight apathy and procrastination. Or possibly just boredom.

I don't do well with long-term projects, I'm more of a sprinter- a short burst of energy then I'm onto the next thing. So this will be challenging in many ways, but I've wanted to do this project for so long, and this is my first new year's (the traditional starting day) with a decent enough camera. So here we go. To my future 365-self, I say goodluck, and get off your lazy ass.

I probably won't post much about the project here, but each day's photo will have its own page on my flickr. They will also appear in my lil flicker widget thingy on the side of this blog as well. That way --->>> 

But because I like you, you get today's photo on the house. ^_~


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