take your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe

One day, when I'm bored, unemployed, and looking for a frustrating time, I'll actually agree to jury duty. But until then, Dear County, I'm dodging the draft like it's Vietnam, part 2. Nyah, you'll never catch me alive, see?

Moving on, this was the AMAZING dessert wine I found for Turkey-killin Day. Wine-poached pears? Major hit. And I dislike most wine, and red far more than white, but this even smelled delightful and fruity straight from the bottle. If I actually liked wine, I'd drink it straight, but for now I'll have to settle for cooking with it and having a house that smells like yum.  Amazing. Do recommend. (less than $20/bottle)

In more lately happenings, I broke my contacts Thursday, so now my daily commute looks like this.

But the South African rap i've been listening to makes it allll better. ..in a "wierd, slightly white-trashy but with amazing lyrics/delivery that really grow on you" kind of way. Probably more appealing if you can translate Afrikaans, though. Bonus points if you recognize what (entertaining and also highly recommended) movie they're referencing in the video.