duffman...can't breathe...oh no

sorry, can't talk, too busy making love to the kindle with my eyes.
For someone who has been a hardcore audiobook-ophile for the past five years or so, I have now fallen firmly back in love with reading with my eyes instead of my ears. However, nothing makes doing massive piles of dishes bearable like listening to a great book or podcast while you're up to your elbow in suds. Works for other cleaning, too. Try it, you filthy filthy beast. You know you want to. Oh yeahhh. Giggity.

Downside? I was up to 5am reading last night because the author I'd just found was simply TOO GOOD to put down. (Patricia Briggs. more fantasy than sci-fi, but motherfluffin awesome reads. Read her. READ HER. The Terminator tells you to dooo it, do it nao. ) Somehow, I have a lot more self-control with audiobooks. Yesterday? There was no self-control. Nope, none. Yesterday was reading. Today was napping. Tomorrow will be desperate scrambling to catch up on all the coursework I needed to have gone over today instead of napping. Ahh, reading made me its bitch last night, and I know I shouldn't, but I think I liked it. Kinda.  Except for all the lack of sleep.

Anyway, Patricia Briggs.  DO IT.


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