proposition h8

I was ashamed to live in a country where a state (a community, a people, a federation)  that cries "equality!" as much as California does could pass it in the first place.

Now, I'm just ashamed to live in a country that took over two years to figure out it was unconstitutional in the first place.

Just because *I* think it's more moral to figure out a moral code for yourself (rationally, as a person who can understand concepts of justice, inequality, harm, protection, differing opinions, hypocrisy,  etc)  instead of parroting whatever outdated and manipulated religious cannon you were taught when you were three doesn't mean I have the right to force my ideas into law, to be inflicted upon everyone else, whether they agree or not.

But if this country ever bans run-on sentences, I'm really gonna have to put my foot down.


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