shortly blatherings

Still recuperating from an intense week in Froonce. Pics to come soon, hopefully tomorrow, if we don't go to the Dublin Zoo. Possibly after, if I feel up to it and the Boy isn't giving me puppydog eyes (subconsciously) to get into the kitchen (where a good woman belongs anyway) and feed him.

Oh, and today I finally won the insanely silly debate we've been having for months as to whether or not spaghetti is a type of noodle or a type of pasta.

Answer, obviously, is that it's both. Duhh.
Silly boy. Good thing he has me to edumacate him about these things.
On the other hand, he can speak french.

So I guess we're even, him with his growing-up-learning french and vacationing in Basque country, and me with my knowledge of flour and water.
Yeah, totally even.

Or not.

But at least I got to go there. ^^

Which doesn't make us even, but it means I'm catching up. ^_^