if you'd forgotten how terrible of a person I am...

Let me remind you.

So, yesterday the Boy and I were discussing the Safe Sex (Because nothing says protection like thirty-two hundred miles between your side of the bed and his.) which led me to the Planned Parenthood and the Wikipedia- which as we all know is like Facebook for knowledge,  it sucks you in and you spend hours of your life bouncing from page to page absorbing random facts you will never be called upon to recite at a party to make yourself seem all cool and esoteric EVEN THOUGH THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SECRETLY HOPING FOR. 

Cruise control for cool, they tell me.

Anyway, so there I was reading up on the Birth control shot, and I come across a section that mentioned that if a woman gives birth from a pregnancy that occurred while on the shot (and in spite of it), then the resulting kid is 80% more likely to die in the first year of life.

I repeated this aloud to the Boy, who went, "Uhh, that's um..." 
"Like an abortion after the fact!" I shouted, completing his sentence for him.

And I laughed. Just a little. Before immediately wanting to punch myself in the face. HARD.
Because holy shit. I am a Bad Person

If there IS a hell - for the record, I'm calling bullshit on the whole idea, but, IF there is one, I just confirmed my one-way ticket.

FYI, you are all morally-suspect individuals for being friends with me.
You're welcome.

In a totally, completely, obviously unrelated sidenote:
Sharp knives are sharp. Especially ones you just sharpened on both a whetstone AND a sharpening steel two minutes prior to using. You can slice through half the tip of your thumb INCLUDING YOUR FINGERNAIL! with them before you realize what's happening.

Also also, karma is a bitch.


  1. OH! I CRINGED.... but only at the tip of the thumb being cut off. I too laughed at your joke. Then regained my composure and read the next line. I dont know, but I didn't feel that was worthy of a trip anywhere, least of which to Hell. Keep working on it, I know you have it in you somewhere. But maybe, after you let it out, itll die. Who knows.

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