coherent posts are overrated

It is a good thing for the person you love to love you back, but it is a terrible thing to know the exact mechanics of that love. Because once you see the limits, no matter how close or far to them you are, it's impossible to focus on anything but that point - the point beyond which loving you costs them more than they feel they gain. Once you know that limit, once you realize their love is not boundless and eternal- everything will change.
And it has.

So, my cat bit me in the face shortly after I sliced my thumb. Karma, take two? That'll teach me to joke about 4th trimester abortions. But then I baked chocolate bread today, and everything was once again good. Or at least alright.

I've been living in an enchanted little cloud for a while now, but it's finally popped. Not in a bad, way, just in a "re-awakening to reality" kinda way. I'm a bit more grounded now, It's probably a good thing. Probably. Possibly. Maybe.

I liked it up there. =/

Also, jobhunting sux0rs a big one. Hire me dammit,  I'm more competent than half your workforce. (True story.) But also let me have the summer off so I can get some international ass. Kthx.

tiffblogger, OUT!


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