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1. I've developed an intense loathing for non-injured, non-arthritic people who rave on food blogs about how the only bread they will EVAR!!!1! make is no-knead bread. Because regular bread is just TOO MUCH EFFORT. And too time-consuming. And not worth the effort. Um, okay, crazy people on crack. This is me, backing away slowly.

The crust on no-knead bread is about half an inch thick and pretty terrible to my tastes. And what, kneading dough for 10 fucking minutes or less is too hard for you? Gah. Begone. I have no use for you here. Or anywhere, as a matter of fact. Stop breeding, kthx. Besides, in most recipes, kneading is easy, fast, AND it's pretty theraputic. Try it. TRY ITTTTT. Awesome first bread recipe: Rosemary bread. Sidenote: Using fresh rosemary is a must. DOOOO IT. Just remember to shout my name later when the it's out of the oven and you're having your first fresh, hot, oven-baked breadgasm.

You're welcome.

 This is actually oatmeal-honey bread, but still. I made it. Kneaded it. Fucked up the recipe. And it was STILL DELISHUS.

2. My anniversary with the Boy is coming up. I am tr√®s excited. Also, I've found googling accented words is sooo much faster than looking up the appropriate symbol in the character map.  Am I the queen of lazy-brand efficiency? Yes. But I still knead my own bread, dammit.

Nothing says "I love you" like a post-it.

3. My hair is growing back after chopping it off to nothingness two years ago. It also started getting orange-y from the dye + sunlight + other factors too boring to mention to my almost completely male readership. All of which is probably why it's a happy accident that yesterday I inadvertantly dyed it darker brown than intended. Yeah, cause I know this information is vital to your existance. Mmhmm. Totally. Also, the fat. The extra 70lbs or so I've been keeping in my back pocket for emergencies. And sidepockets. And front pockets. And everwhere else. That fat. It must go. I am le tired of it. I got some blue things like these plus this painful thingy. Also possibly this one and maybe even one more. Because overkill never hurt anyone ever. Also because I'm unlikely to do any of them, nevertheless three. Also because anything digital is free if you hang with people with eye-patches and avians.  Anyway. Stay tuned.

 Orange. Dark roots. Blah.
But I'm kinda cute though, no? ^_^


  1. Definitely cute! can i say there here or should i text you?

  2. Well, since I said it here, I think it's safe for you to as well. :P
    And thanks, crummy one. ^_~

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