bloggy birthday

I realized this blog is a year old as of two days ago. With an average of one post every 19 days or so, I can firmly say that I have not accomplished my original goal of getting myself into the habit of writing more. But when I think of where my life was one year ago compared to where it is today, I'm tentatively optimistic that things are indeed improving. Things are different in so many ways- people who were in my life then aren't anymore. I've gained a love, made tiny movements towards regaining one of the most prescious friendships I've lost, and have started to take control of my life in a more adult fashion. Or I've been shoved into it. But it still counts. So there.

So while my original goal still needs some work, at least now there are more people in my life pushing me to write besides myself. And I can't help but feel this blog played a role in accomplishing that. So thank you, blog, and happy birthday. I got you some new layout-related shinies, I hope you like them.


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