this suffering of sunshine

i'm suffering from sunshine of the soul
and i'm redefining suffering for all you that don't know
it's the gap between what should be
and what is

and they can take their map back
cause no one's ever gone this route before
i've thrown out my prescription
for their generic destinations
and i don't intend to stop along the way

i have far to go and i'm far too tired
to waste more breath cursing at my fears
philosophy doesn't interest me
and geography has got it wrong
because my travels weren't supposed to lead me here

and still somehow it all works out
though happiness was never on my route
and i've ended up here anyway,
learning from ever misstep that I take.

and this suffering of sunshine
doesn't seem so much like suffering
when you look at me that way and start to smile
and my journey's getting longer
but i am getting stronger
and learning to take things mile by single mile