oh melancholia, thou doest improvest ...mah writinz

"we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"

Is that not beautiful? I'm slightly tempted to wax romantically just on that phrase. But I won't, at least not right now. =P Never, if you're lucky.

But lately I've been wondering about the direction of this blog. I know I'm not a bad writer, but I'm also aware I'm nothing that special. (I don't have a huge ego, so this doesn't bother me. I prefer to be frank about my abilities and failings so I can be frank about those of others. Ha.) But I also know I'm a lot better when writing out of melancholy. Sadness has a way of guiding my hand and making my words more eloquent, more profound, more resonant with...with.... something resounding. Anger affects me similarly, but not to the same extent. But, do I really want a blog full of angst, pain, sadness? This is not LiveJournal, do I really want to take things in that direction? But if the writing is better.....eh. I don't know. I've thought several different times I'd come here and post on whatever was bothering me at the moment, but then had second thoughts about constantly posting negative or depressing things.

I wouldn't ever call myself a positive person, but writing about only those things that move me the most to write about (sad, mad) would leave an equally incomplete picture of who I am. But should I even be worried about that? Maybe I should just say "fuck it" and write what I want to, when I want to, about whatever pleases (or displeases) me the most. This is, afterall, the blog of a disenchanted janelle, right? Right?

Le sigh.

Edit: Okay, I have somethings that are neither sad nor angry, nor angsty. Nay, they are not emo of any kind. FOOD POSTS! Woot. I think I have pics enough t post about a couple different things I've been cooking up lately. So pretend to be interested, please. Moar posts coming soon. Ah Swear.


  1. Oh, Janelle. You are a fine writer, no matter what your subject matter. You have a wide vocabulary and the ability to structure it in a thought-provoking way, and really, some writers of much note can't even do that.

    So I am going to tell you what you already know as evidenced by the context of your own words.

    "Maybe I should just say "fuck it" and write what I want to, when I want to, about whatever pleases (or displeases) me the most."

    I will not sugar coat it, and will tell you straight up that yes, you WOULD be a rather poor writer if you did not write what you wanted to, when you want to, about whatever you damn well please. Writing is like all other forms of expression, you're doing it wrong if you are doing it for anyone other than yourself. Some of my best stuff is closed up in a hard-bound journal, scrawled almost illegibly in the throngs of madness or melancholy, and will never be seen by another pair of eyes. But I wrote it. Now, whether you want to write it in this journal in a public setting is completely up to you, but to not write it at all when you have something you want to get out is, in short, denying yourself.

    An audience is a benefit, not a requirement.. nor should it EVER be a measuring stick of your own enjoyment or success.

    So I say, if you want to get depressing or crazy-angry up in this bitch... LET'S DO IT!

    I could go on with more points but as you know, I get a little wordy and a little preachy at that, so maybe we can save it for an AIM convo where I won't be exploiting your blog readers.

  2. As you know,ninjanelle,i loooove the way you write! I'm hardly ever a jealous person,but when it comes to people's abilities of writing i always get the green monster in my stomache.. But it's..ok...*face gets green*
    jk ,baha.
    I say fuck it too,write what you want...it's YOUR blog..And if you're feeling more confortable on melancholic subjects write a wonderful story where you can show the world your fantastic skeelz of awesome and win!!!
    Oh and FOOOOD.I bet the next update will be DELICIOUSSS!!! *hugz&snugz&fondles*

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