My mother is NOT a headache sufferer.

Whereas I have major, chronic headaches recorded on my medical history going back sixteen years, since I was eight years old. I'm pretty sure I was having them for a good long time before I ever mentioned them to my doctor, too.

But more importantly, my mother does not understand what it's like to have headaches so painful that you can't sleep. The idea of trying to fall asleep with the sensory equivalent of someone repeatedly taking a hammer to my cranium is just ridiculous, but she seems to not understand I KNOW these are not conditions under which I can fall asleep. She does not understand the idea of a headache so painful it keeps you awake for 30-40 hours at a time until you're so tired you pass out despite the pain, and that is the only way you can rest....for days on end.

No, instead she yells at me for being up all night, for wasting electricity by having the living room light on, for not being awake in the daytime. She doesn't actually care if I'm not sleeping, she just wants me to not-sleep in private. Sigh.

Welcome to a crash course of my childhood, dear reader. One mildly therapeutic post at a time.

Oh, and I start on a new prescription painkiller tonight that sounds promising. Wish me luck. ^_^


  1. Oooooh believe me... I understand all too well about "mommy issues". Mine is SOMEWHAT similar, only instead of believing a headache can't be bad enough to prevent sleep, it would be there was no way your headache could be worse than HERS, so it may be keeping you up, but she would say hers has kept her up, you know, weeks at a time and prevented intake of food, water, and killed a newborn baby.

    It's fucking obnoxious either way. I'm sorry your mom doesn't understand you... oh my God, Janelle, we are whiny teens, still!!

    OUR MOMS DON'T UNDERSTAAAAAAAAaaaaannnddd maannnn... THEY DON'T FEEL MY PAIN *tosses emo hair out of face*

    But seriously, good luck on the pain meds, I really hope they help! *hug* I'm so sorry you have to be in pain that severe. :C

  2. *raises hand vigorously*
    BUT let's throw some dad in there,too.
    My parents both think i oversleep because i want to sleep and NOT because I CAN'T sleept AT NIGHTS.It's really annoying,if you ask me.ESPECIALLY DAD.OMG,i swear,next time he yells at me for waking up late at Sundays i'm gonna murder a dinosaur <_<

  3. jadeness who forgot to add stuffz

    ....daaamn i posted too soon,i wanted to wish you good luck too about the new painkiller!*huggles*
    you deserve to SLEEP,woman!!!!!

    .....ooh and please tell your traffic thing i don't live in Milan nor i plan on moving there

  4. The news meds are definitely not miracle pills, but they're noticeably helping. And ha, I was never a whiny emo teen, (i just suffered in silence *_*) so I guess I'm a late-bloomer to the parental-complaint Olymics. Be gentle.

    Sorry to hear you have similar problems, Jade. Try drugs? :P Also, I talked to my traffic thingy, it didn't believe you weren't already living spiritually, if not physically, in Milan. So it had to die. But besides that, it was annoying me. @_@ And that's what happens to bits of code that annoy me. *glares at internet warningly*

  5. two weeks before you posted this, I experienced a migraine so bad, it lasted for three days straight.

    I had to get a shot, from a doctor to get the pain to go away. And Ever since that day, Ive had a pounding in the front of my head, on the right side. It hasn't gone away since that day in September. I may never know a pain-free day again. Guess I should have enjoyed them all before.

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