virgin no longer

catchy post title, eh?
no longer a *blog* virgin, you perve.

I've considered a blog for a long time now, over a year. I have a livejournal that I use very very infrequently. But it's more of a, you know, journal. And while I don't claim to be a particularly good writer, I do sometimes feel the need to wax poetic and then share the results. Which I don't want to do in a LJ that exists mostly to purge my twice-a-year emo inner feelings when they're too embarassing by half to share with anyone else.

So I hope that this blog will be actually mildly entertaining for myself and the .03 other people who will read it. Hopefully it'll be a little bit about me, a little bit about the sims, photoshop, (sex?), food, and maybe a bit about photography...if you're lucky. Hell, if I'm lucky.

Ambitious, aren't I? It'll never happen. But a girl can dream, can't she?


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